Swiss Medical Spa & Hospitality Think Tank 2019

Bridging Hospitality to Healthcare (H2H) -
Providing Experience and Engagement 

6 June 2019 at SSTH in Passugg, Switzerland

About the Swiss Medical Spa & Hospitality Think Tank

Why you should attend this event

The Swiss Medical Spa & Hospitality Think Tank is a one-day expert & academic forum, the first meeting place for medical spa topics in the hospitality industry of its kind. On the occasion of this thought-provoking industry event, benefit from valuable networking receptions and healthy culinary experiences.


Share of Wellness in Global Health Expenditures

($ 4.2 trillion of total $ 7.3 trillion)


Increase of People aged 65+ related to those aged 15 - 64 in EU

(from 29.6% in 2016 to 51.2% in 2017)


Share of Wellness Industry in Global Economic Output


Wellness Tourism Growth annually through 2022

($ 919 billion )


of Medical Spa Guests

are seeking a sustainable treatment approach


Vitality and Health Checks

(Top 1 Best Seller Treatment in Medical Spa's DACH )

«Specialty hospitals typically attract a large percentage of patients from distant areas because of the unique appeal of their clinical expertise. Hospitality services thus are in great demand for these medical travelers.»


Peter C. Yesawich, Ph.D., Chief Brand Officer Brown Legacy Group

«Events like the Swiss Medical Spa & Hospitality Summit are so important because all of the key players are here, whether they are medical spa brands or the distributors, vendors, architects, investors and it gives a great sense to the developers and hotel owners about where the industry is headed over the next 10 years.»


Bernd Güsken, Spa Consultant

Gain access to unmissable medical spa & travel insights, valuable industry connections and networking opportunities designed to ensure you’re able to make most or your time at the Swiss Medical Spa & Hospitality Summit.

Who should attend

The global hospitality market remains buoyant despite economic and geopolitical uncertainty, and customer behaviors and needs are changing. With the increasing age of the population, the demand for medical services in the hospitality context rises rapidly.

SSTH as leading hotel management school and part of the EHL group created the event while engaging with the latest trends in the industry.

In 2019, the Swiss Medical Spa & Hospitality Think Tank is inviting the leaders and innovators of hospitality and healthcare to bride and build even more opportunities by partnering for peak performance. This 2019 think tank program will look at new growth strategies for all stakeholders, whether they are to be found in traditional markets, emerging destinations, health tourism destinations or operational strategies, or alternative medical spa lodging concepts.

This conference will be of great interest to

  • Healthcare institutes, facilities and lodging

  • Hospitality industry (hotel, gastronomy, tourism etc.)

  • Medical industry

  • Life care

  • Real Estate

  • Financial sector (banks, investors etc.)

  • Architects and interior designers

  • Education

  • Politics

  • and others interested in the bridging of healthcare and hospitality as well as medical tourism

Gain valuable insights into the following topics:

  • Education and research in medical spa and hospitality-aligning theory and practice

  • Investments in medical spa & aging society

  • Spa lifestyle, real estate & investments

  • Medical spa architecture and design

  • Marketing & sensory evaluations